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Land Rover Defender Import Process

You've always wanted to own a Land Rover Defender but don't want to take a chance importing one into the USA... no worries we have Land Rover Defenders in the US right now, located in New York. We put these recently imported Defenders through an extensive inspection and fix everything to ensure you receive a quality Defender.

Land Rover Defender Import USA is an affiliate company of Helderburg, which gives our clients peace of mind. You can visit us and inspect our Imported Land Rover Defenders in Sharon Springs, NY. We also offer live Facetime Calls for inspection.

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FAQ's About Our Imported Land Rover Defenders

Are They Left or Right Hand Drive Defenders?

Generally we only stock left hand drives but occasionally get a right hand drive.
Yes they are like any other Land Rover or used vehicle and registration is easy to do in all states.
Most independent repair shops that work on imports can work on a Land Rover Defender. They are very simple to work on and parts are plentiful plus inexpensive.
No, the oil is standard diesel oil that can be changed at 30 minute oil change shops and there are several Land Rover Defender parts suppliers in the United States. e.g. Rovers North, Lucky 8 Off-road are a couple.
Yes all Land Rover Defenders are manual transmissions but we do have an Automatic Transmission Conversion Kit available for an additional charge. Most are also diesel engines but on occasion we do receive a gasoline engine Defender. Click here to get notified of incoming Imported Defenders coming to the US.
Yes we can but we can't be held responsible for rusted out frames, bad transmissions or engines or improper numbers that would cause customs to refuse the Defender export or import.
We do offer the following modifications e.g. led lighting, suspension lift kits, bumpers, wood steering wheels.
No we don't and most of our clients pay cash or get a personal loan.
We do perform an extensive inspection, fix any issues prior to offering it for sale and test drive every Defender for an extended period however due to the nature of Defenders being used off-road by our clients we are unable to offer a warranty. Keep in mind we are an affiliate company of Helderburg which means we know what to look for.
Yes we do an extensive inspection and test drive and repair any issues to ensure you receive a great Classic Land Rover Defender. We think everyone should be able to own a Classic Land Rover Defender.
Each Defender is different but we do remove rust and rot in floor boards, frames and rear cross members. Update timing belt and tensioners, replace head gasket, new tires, brakes, wheels, change all fluids, check compression/leak down. Replace clutch, transmission, transfer case. Our inspection is extensive to ensure you receive a dependable Land Rover Defender.
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