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Pictured above is “Just One” of our storage barns at Helderburg England where we store over 120 Land Rover Defenders that we have purchased throughout Europe.

Land Rover Defender Imports USA was created out of our love for Land Rovers and so many people contacting our other company Helderburg Defenders daily asking for help to legally import a Land Rover Defender into the United States.

Over the years we’ve helped a number of people with importing a Land Rover Defender to the US and what a stressful situation. These individuals were buying a Defender based on a picture and someone’s word. We had nothing to do with the sourcing of the Land Rover Defender but we still felt some responsibility. So we decided to make it easier and start importing some Defenders into the United States that are in too good of condition to tear down and do a full restoration and make it a Helderburg Defender. The Land Rover Defenders on this site offered for sale have been thoroughly inspected, driven and anything that was in need of repair was handled. You can be assured you’re receiving a quality Land Rover Defender and you don’t have to take chances by importing a Land Rover Defender into the US on your own sight unseen.

We’ve done everything for you and these Defenders are now located on the East Coast or more specifically in Sharon Springs, NY.

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This is a picture of a typical weekly or bi-monthly delivery of Land Rover Defenders that we have sourced for full restorations or to offer via Land Rover Defender Imports

Hi, I’m Paul Potratz and absolutely love Land Rover Defenders and Porsches and Motorcycles and possibly you’ve heard of my other company Helderburg Defenders. So welcome to Land Rover Imports USA and I’m excited to share in your excitement of owning a Land Rover Defender. The Defenders on this site generally have original paint, some patina, a few bumps and a lot of story behind them. No, they are not full restorations like a Helderburg but nor are they $250k+. The Defenders on this site are affordable and will continue to increase in value year after year. The best part is you can drive a Defender, add some bumps and scratches to it and they will not lose value. Over the last 10 years a Land Rover Defender has increased in value by 480+ which exceeds the stock market gains.

So if you’ve been searching how to import a land rover defender into the states then stop searching and look at the Defenders we have available right now located in New York. I will tell you from experience if the price seems too good to be true on eBay, Hemmings or in some forum it probably is…so minimize your risk and come see what we have available now. We can even do a Facetime Video call and our goal is not to sell everyone a Land Rover Defender but to sell the right Land Rover Defender to the right person. Helderburg didn’t become the most followed Land Rover Defender builder in the United States by accident. We will ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for.

See our recently imported Land Rover Defenders in the States.

Paul Potratz

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